Thursday, February 18, 2016

Smallville RPG: Stanley Leonard, "Foundry"

Pathways: Early Years


Stanley was born and raised in Mediocris City and growing up there wasn’t much special about Stanley. He had good grades, an interest in role-playing games, LARPing, tinkering and two parents that loved him. Stanley was considered an oddball by his friends, but his enthusiasm endeared him to most. He loved dressing up and going to the MC Renn Fair with his mom and dad and spent much of his free time playing board games with his friends.


When he was still in middle school, he went on a tour of the Barsoom research facility. When the tour brought them to one of Barsoom’s machine labs, a man named Maximillian Powers demonstrated how they could create an authentic arming sword used one of the facilities 3D printers. Stan’s budding interest in tinkering blossomed was now in full bloom.


As a young man, Stanley took an interest in a wide range of artisanry and engineering. Dr. Powers became his mentor and on occasion would let him over to share in his blacksmithing hobby using the Iron Keep’s Zero Foot Print Forge, called such because it near zero carbon emissions. Max would say, “We are cheating a bit, however, the environment would thank us.”

Thanks to Maximillian, Stanley was drawing blueprints before he could legally drive a car. He chanced upon meeting Sam Sornell; Stan gushing over Dr. Sornell likely didn’t make for a good first impression.


By his freshmen year at San Francisco University, Stanley’s interest in technology and artisanry was followed closely by his interest in Barsoom Corp. He was a complete geek when it came to anything related to Barsoom. He read every magazine articles, newspaper clipping, tabloid, blog, etc. If it had anything to do with the company, he knew about it. So after being offered an internship after dinner with Max and his wife, Salina, he leaped (literally) at the opportunity.

Stanley didn’t squander the opportunity provided by Max and spent every waking moment in Iron Keep. Stan meet Sam once again, but this time, Stanley curbed his enthusiasm far more than their first meeting. Sam wasn’t the only person he met during his internship, however.

Event—"First Contact"

Early into his internship, Stan was approached by Power Surge, the superheroine. She’d asked him about Max, which he lied not thinking it was in any one’s best interest to have legitimate super like Power Surge meet with a hammered Max. He had just left a Max drunk and complaining about his marriage, yet again. To his surprise, she gave him a weird piece of tech and instructions to find out what it was.

He was excited to have the opportunity but surprised that she trusted him with something like this. Stan studied the alien device and apparently provided some bit of information that Power Surge need. She still seemed oddly interested in Max, but when Stan avoids the topic she thanked him and suggested working together in the future (To which Stanley excitedly agreed.)

Whatever the alien tech was it seemed to have set off a few red flags and when Stan returned to the lab the next day Sam was waiting to say they need to talk. A conversation that changed just about everything for Stan; more so than meeting a “Super” had just a day before.

Pathways: After the Event

Priority—"Moving Forward"

The conversation with Sam, the time he spent studying the alien technology and the resources afforded him during the internship changed everything for Stanley Leonard. In finishing his internship, he had created a working prototype of Personal Gravity Generator, in the likeness of gantlets, and disks that absorbed kinetic force, working to a very limited degree. 

Modus Operandi—"Outside Normal Channels"

He had somehow become the confidant to a Power Surge Heroine and Sam; not altogether sure which one was the most daunting.

Motive—"The Cause"

Regardless, Stan believes the last few months allowed him the opportunity to make the world a better place. No matter how small a part he played he would make whatever contribution he could.

Identity—"The Specialist"

Stanley specialty is researching and development of technology. He improved upon his Gravity Gauntlets and Force Fields, but he prefers to limit his involvement to a supporting role for Power Surge. He provides intel for the superheroine and is the source of the majority of her tech; for the latter reason, Surge has taken to calling him Foundry.

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