Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Morgan Roberts: "A Flash of Insight"

Written for Mysterious Tavern

The last thing Morgan remember was a flash of light. Slowly his sight returned. The stars from the bright flash replaced by the stars over the ocean overlook of the cemetery. He though it another dream. The same dream.

Exasperated he spoke, "What an insightful bit of belated insight do you have for me tonight Ghalid," not bothering to maintain his drawl.

"Ahoy! But tain't none ye needin' from me," Ghalid replied. "Seems ye kept faithful to Rubirt's name."

"You've taken to referring to yourself in the third person have you," his father just laugh.

"tain't been called that name in some years boy. Don't seem right pretending I still be that fellow." He continued, "Well boy, have you finally come to take your rest with old Pa?"

That sounded new, thought Morgan. "No, I'll be waking up soon enough." He turned and looked at his father to his surprise he wasn't the withered corpse he regularly saw in his dream. His father looked much as he did in life save for the eerie looking aura that surrounded him and the pendant around his neck. The pendant once belongs to that fool witch that sealed his father's fate. His father's face momentarily wore concern, an unusual expression. Before Ghalid could respond Morgan spit out, "Why do you still have that anchor around your neck?"

"'Twas love that brought me low, but me Sadia ain't to blamed," he said with a little heat before relaxing. "'Twas the corrupted Marki and his dogs."

"That's why you shouldn't get involved with…" he realized his own hypocrisy, "...with nobles and their games."

"Ah well," his father attempted to steer the conversation elsewhere, "Ye know love be why me have this here amulet. Mightn't you mind sharing the story for that there fancy dagger and fancier stick?" Morgan replied with silence and slack-jawed look of surprise. "Well now…, it seems the High and Might Whelp has lost a bit o' swagger. Might've he been brought low like his papa? Savvy?" Ghalid offered no quarter as he spoke mockingly as if in fear he had discovered Morgan's secret.

Morgan look down at the two weapons; one the dagger given to little Lucy; the other the staff given to him by the sorceress, Ichabod. He wanted to toss the two away if only to prove a point, but his hands held firm to them both.

The specter's laughter boomed out in the night. Ghalid chortled, "And put ye a shirt on before ye catch yer death!" Even more amused, he returned to his rancorous laughter.

A glow began to envelop the woeful Murghan ibn Rubirt. At least, this one doesn't seem as painful as the first two the pirate thought.

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