Friday, September 25, 2015

D&D 5e Character: Hi-Ghrock the Clanless


  • Race: Goliath 
  • Class: 1 Fighter / 2 Warlock
  • Background: Outlander(Outcast of the Hungry Sky Clan)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 62
  • Eyes: White (originally Dark Grey)
  • Hair: Grey 
  • Height: 7' 2"
  • Weight: 350

Ability Scores

Strength          17
Dexterity         10
Constitution      14
Intelligence      13
Wisdom            14
Charisma          16


  • Personality.  I watch over my friends as if they were my herd. I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners are poor substitutes for power.
  • IdealI must prove that age hasn't caught up with me, and I will survive in spite of my former tribe.
  • Bond. I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster, and I must find the strength to claim victory.
  • Flaw. I remember every insult I've received and nurse a silent resentment towards anyone who's ever wronged me.
Hi-Ghrock was always selfish. He looked upon his Hungry Sky clan as his possessions. To his benefit, his zealous protection of what was his was mistaken for true concern for his tribesmen. Thought the years started to catch up to Hi-Ghrock, he was cunning and used his winters of experience to thrive while all who shared a similar name-day went into exile or perished.  His place in the clan endured.

Tens of winters ago, Hi-Ghrock discovered a temple hidden in the side of the mountain. He knew it was a place of corruption, but he was driven to claim what was rightfully his. He had slowly taught himself to read and write using the ancient secrets contained in the mountain temple. Secrets that allowed him the edge he needed over would-be competitors.

During his 60th winter Hi-Ghrock's eyes began to cloud, and time of his exile would soon follow.

The corrupt temple had rituals that could help, but they required unspeakable things that gave even the ruthless Hi-Ghrock pause. His sight diminished, and whispers of his exile grew. Desperation and his own ego wore away at his reservations. He performed the rituals, summoned a fiend and made what he deemed a small but reasonable bargain...

Hi-Ghrock found himself blind, starved and without a clan.  He mused about how the treacherous creature proved wiser and more ruthless than he. The demon stood over his pathetic form and had a hearty laugh at the old goliath's expense. He was infuriated. Hi-Ghrock met the attractive creatures gaze as it curled up next to him, only then realizing that it had finally fulfilled its end of the bargain. 

That day, the goliath met the too pretty gaze of the creature, unable to look away. It looked into his now white eyes and told him, "If you're not quite ready to die, I'm sure we can come to some form of arrangement." At that moment, and many of night since, he wished for blindness to not have seen that horrifyingly satisfied smile.

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