Friday, August 7, 2015

Serenity Character: Steven Sanders-Ziering


Home World: Beaumonde, Industrial world.
Occupation: Employee of the Silver Salvage Corp.
Age: 42
Height: 1.83m


I know it pains you to make the hard choices, but I know my Good Little Soldier will make the right decision.
–Colonel Harley Sanders

Steven was brought up in a military family, and when he joined the Alliance, he became tenth generation military, on his mother's side. He rarely loses his cool and prefers to keep things by the book, but the rules come second to his loyalties.

Steven Sanders-Ziering was born in Beaumonde to Colonel Harley Sanders and Squad Leader David Ziering. He grew up in a military family. During The Unifications War, Steven served as a Lieutenant for a demolitions platoon and became highly decorated by the end. His father died during the Battle of Sturges, and his mother earn a promotion to Colonel short before the brown coats surrendered.

Steve retiring from the military with a bad taste in his mouth. That is when he met Erin and was hired by the Silver Salvage Corp. He had a professionalism and a specialized skill set that was valuable to Ms. Silver and her company. He received the task of dealing with fluid situations to protect SSCs interests, Erin's interest.

During most of the war, his mother served as a lieutenant colonel heading a demolitions battalion. Harley know the right things to get under his skin or manipulative him into doing what she wants. Near the end of the war, she sent an encrypted communication personally ordering him to resume artillery fire. When he questioned the command, she used his father's death to guilt him into issuing the order. He later learned of the Brown Coats surrender was declared six hours earlier. The renewed violence lead to the deaths of over one hundred Independence troops. Steve's Battalion lost twenty men and woman. Harley was thrilled with her son's success and smug about the violation of protocol. She knew he might protest in private, but wouldn't put her career in danger.

·        Agility d8
·        Strength d8
·        Vitality d8
·        Alertness d8
·        Intelligence d8
·        Willpower d8

Athletics d6
·        Dodge d8
Covert d6
·        Stealth d8
·        Sabotage d8
Discipline d6
Resistance d8
Heavy Weapons d6
·        Demolitions d8
·        Mounted Guns d8
Influence d6
Guns d6
·        Assault Rifle d8
Perception d6
·        Tracking d8
·        Search d8
Unarmed Combat d6
·        Wrestling d8 

·        Brawler d6
·        Combat Ready d10
·        *Contact (Erin Silver) d8
·        Shadow d2
·        Steady Calm d10
·        Talented (Sabotage, Demo.)

·        Duty d8
·        Infamy d6
·        Hooked (Alcohol) d6
·        Paranoid d6
·        Rival d12

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