Thursday, June 18, 2015

D&D 3.5e Character: Morgan Roberts

Written for Mysterious Tavern

Morgan Roberts is a former privateer hailing from Fascia. He ran a mostly legal export business that was usually profitable. He had trade deals from the Shimmering Coast to the Sea of Knives. During the lean times, a bit of privateering and smuggling with Red Sabers. The Red Sabers were a band of corsairs led by his father, Captain Ghalib Roberts.

After a particularly success run, he drew the attention of a wealth Pasha. Kamran Redwater, a greedy enforce for the Sultan made a play on Morgan’s trade company. Morgan wasn't surprise when Kamran's lackeys approached him about his business. However, the privateer, didn't expect Kamran to demanded his enterprise and his freedom to pay off his father’s debt. Kamran left the Pasha's request along with a deed pinned to the door of his business. The deed a small plot of land in the Fascia cemetery.  Located there were two open graves; one already filled with his father dead body.

After learning of his father’s murder, Morgan decided it was time to flee his childhood home. He swindled a ship captain into purchasing a small piece of scenic Fascia. (The Fascia Cemetery is nice this time of year.) The earnings paid for Morgan's trip on the first boat out Fascia. His father had lived like a star, but crashed like a meteor directly on top of Morgan’s small fortune.

Morgan, however, treated the problem as a he did all of Life's misfortunes; a minor setback and needed push away from complacency. He wishes to put both Fascia and his pirating days behind him. Maybe see a few of the drier parts of the world. Maybe set a safer course. Maybe profit a bit from the experience.

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