Friday, February 19, 2016

Morgan Roberts—"Child's Play"

Journal Entry for Mysterious Tavern Campaign

From the nearby field, Morgan stood with the two nobles while the sounds of combat continued from in the tavern. A crash followed by something or someone hitting the ground with a thud from a side of the building not visible to Morgan. Whatever it was that made so sudden an exit out of the dilapidated building allowed the sounds of conflict to reach the three outside more clearly. The shouts suggested a grand melee indeed. (It seemed that such things broke out often in Morgan's absents.)

Moments passed, and Morgan took a single step towards the cursed inn, his impatient getting the better of him. He stops himself and looks back at the infuriating and endearing little girl. Whatever trouble his allies had gotten themselves into, they would have to fend for themselves; the little red-headed moppet most certainly could not.

The big man received a puzzled look from Antoinette as he sheathed his scimitar and took the staff in both hands. Morgan looked around for a moment and after seeing something, the other two did not, he walked to a soft spot of dirt. He then raised the staff high and plunged it into the soft soil. Dropping all pretense of his regular pirate-cant, he asked, "Lucy. Would you like to play a game?" The older woman expression turned to bewilderment as the younger to an excited affirmative.

Morgan waved her over and had her hold Ichabod's quarterstaff as took off his mantle and hung it over the implement. He removed his turban, shook it out and folded it neatly, before wrapping the red cloth around Lucy's strawberry blonde hair as a bandana. He returned to his regular mode of speaking and said, "I be far too much of a scoundrel to have me swear me-self to the Queen o' France, but to me beautiful pirate queen…? Surely."

Lucy with a grin from port to starboard and replied, "Of course, Sir pirate!"

Morgan knelt down before his pirate queen and explained, "The scarf is the symbol of a pirate, The mantle a pirate reputation, the stick be the main mast and ye be me queen." the captain asked, "Savy?"


Morgan paused for a moment closing his eyes and placing his hand on the staff. He opened them offering a serious look, but a jolly voice said, "Well, me queen. Ere stands most all I be hold'n dear," dropping the pirate speak and the jovial tone, "I will not abandon it." A statement likely missed by the younger of the two nobles.

Morgan then completes the moment of waxing theatrical by releasing the staff; the stone at its end flared brightly for a time before return to its dull coloring. In as loud and booming voice as he could muster he shouted, "If'n ye aren't too busy like. Rally to ye pirate queen!"

Morgan checked to make sure that the child queen's daisy chain crown was secure on his head. He looked back and asked the little queen, "Me queen, I shan't suppose ye be still carry'n that old fancy dagger? I'm need'n it post haste."

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