Friday, March 18, 2016

Morgan Roberts—"Conflict of Interest"

Journal Entry for Mysterious Tavern Campaign

The story of my life; destined to be dragged in the undertow of witch-women and their dark sorcery. Each time, I was sure I had escaped to a mundane life free of their machinations; each time, I learned they had simply gotten better at how they hid their strings.

A sharpened mind and allies dealt with swordsmen and scoundrels easily enough, and a capable religious man who warded off all but the darkest magic. I thought through all the possibilities and took every reasonable precaution.

No. I hadn't. No consideration was given over to the possibility of the little queen possessing the aberrant powers of sorcery; no contingency available for dealing with the pain of seeing the little redhead's tears when she recognized my look of revolution and heard my angry reproach. Couldn't I look past the curse of magic? Couldn't I instead just forget the feelings for the queen..and her older sister?

No. I could do neither. I know in my heart that I have been fooled and manipulated by both the child and the adult; they dragged me unwillingly into the struggles of their families' coven.

Despite what they have done and all that I now know, it did little to diminish the love for the little queen, or.. or the feelings I have for Ichabod. The sadness I've caused Little Lucy to suffer has stolen any possible comfort that remained in this bottle. Nothing to pull me from the repeated study of my many and various flaws.

The story of my life...

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