Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter to Grand Master Rabin

Letter to Grand Master Rabin

Responding to correspondence found here.

Greetings Grand Master Rabin,

I am pleased to inform you that Alessa has been defeated by doppelgangers. It would have been unfortunate if such an easily defeated member of our order had failed to offer Grand Master Kibbe an honorable death.

At this time I am assisting a priest at the Temple of the Five with repairs needed for the earth goddess altar in Shadowleaf Bay. Also, I have already pledged to drive the Marazzer from Greth and as such can not fulfill my obligations.

Despite my obligations as killer of Alessa’s killer, I am going to have to turn down the Grand Master title. I will of course give Grandmaster Kibbe the honorable death he richly deserves if he proves too cunning for the would be doppelganger assassins. I have faced doppelgangers in battle, so I doubt that his ailments will be much of a hindrance.

With Great Respect,

Master Sakhr Qasim

PS: I have include a second tablet of my exploits and a prayer that was given to me at the Temple of the Five.

Second Tablet

… itemized list of mostly marazzer and changelings...

Pray to Runan

Man pilfer grains of Earth Goddess power,
and from those pilfered grains man gained life.
We all are worthy of the Earth Goddess wrath.

Runan is swayed from her wrath, because we are of her own image.
Man covets his domain; the blazing hearth, a declaration of his power.
In the chaos of battles and storms man’s home fire blazes bright;
leaving smoky plums to rises, mocking the goddess of air,

Runan is swayed from her wrath, because we are of her own image.
With her hatred man makes war upon her enemies,
With her cunning man hunts her enemies and becomes stronger,
With her power man forces stability onto the maelstrom.

Runan is swayed from her wrath, because she is cunning.
When man’s battle has ended the goddess offers them her home,
When man returns her power she is made stronger,
from the stolen grains, the Goddess gains ten fold.

Sakhr Qasim

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